The UK industry standard for accreditation, advancing and operations at festivals, tours and other events.

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We've worked with the UK’s best events for the past 10 years to develop Eventree and our client list speaks for itself. It's time for you to join the ranks of organisations who collectively save thousands of admin hours and enjoy streamlined event management year after year.

How does it work?

Eventree streamlines a large number of event operations including


No more emailing spreadsheets for contractors and tour managers to complete and waiting for the inevitable changes that follow.

Simply add or upload each contact to Eventree, give them a set of passes to choose from and let them manage their own accreditation. You can modify and approve requests whenever you like.

Team members are emailed unique QR codes to collect their passes on arrival.


Fed up of asking people to supply essential information in advance of the event only for it to arrive in dribs and drabs in 100 different file formats?

Simply tell Eventree what you need from each person or company and it will take care of collating that information for you.

Information is automatically sorted and sent to the relevant members of your team (e.g. artist liaison receives all the riders).


Not happy about wasting food which goes uneaten? Trying to bring your catering budget under control?

Eventree allows each team to submit their catering requests via their dashboard ready for you to approve.

Team members can collect their food using a pass issued via Eventree.

All usage is logged so you can spot no-shows and other anomalies.


Whether you want to recruit staff and volunteers, or gather important information from contractors and tour managers, Eventree allows you to build forms which are as simple or complicated as you need.

All submitted information is linked to the relevant profile in Eventree making it easy to see who has submitted what.

Document management

The tedious job of collecting important documents can be time consuming, and what’s worse, documents often expire before the event (public liability insurance we’re looking at you!)

Tell Eventree which documents you need and from whom, and it will take care of chasing for missing or expired documents, as well as notifying you whenever anything new is uploaded.

Health and safety

Say goodbye to in-person health and safety inductions. With Eventree you can create as many different inductions as you need and automatically attach them to people’s profiles.

Before they can be admitted to the event they must take the induction on their phone and present the resulting QR code.

This means a much tighter induction process where nobody can get into site without completing one.

Passes and wristbands

Keeping track of how many different passes and wristbands you’ve issued can be time consuming.

Physically giving those to the right people is even worse.

Thankfully Eventree streamlines the entire process. When people arrive at the event you scan their QR code and our clear check-in screen shows you exactly what they need to be issued with.

Eventree also shows you what needs to be pre-sorted into envelopes to be handed out on arrival (e.g. tour buses).

ID checks

Sometimes it’s important to know exactly who everyone is, even down to their photo ID.

Eventree can collect these for you and allows you to verify that each person is exactly who they say they are when they arrive on site.

Plus, you can carry out any background checks beforehand.


You name it, we’ve integrated with it.

Documents automatically sync with your Google Drive account so you have a copy to review.

Form submissions magically appear in spreadsheets.

The point is, whatever you’re currently using there’s a high chance Eventree already knows how to talk to it, which makes getting started with Eventree so much faster.

Who trusts Eventree to deliver their event?


Eventree has a very straightforward pricing model which scales with your business according to the number of staff, performers, guests etc you add to the platform.

Use the slider to see what your annual licence fee will be:

Total staff:
Annual licence fee: £1,250 + VAT