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About Us

Spending less time in front of the computer means more time available fulfilling your vision for a spectacular event. Eventree is the simple, dynamic system that allows you to complete your crew management quickly and easily without the hassle of endless spreadsheets, rambling emails, and mismanaged information.

Having worked with the UK's best events over the past 10 years, we are passionate about eliminating the frustrations of event organisers from pre-production to break. We developed Eventree as proof that, with the right tools, putting on an event can be easy whether you’re expecting 100 participants or 100,000.

Distribute tickets, allocate meals and assign budgets directly, or collaboratively pass those tasks onto team leads with confidence that everything is being managed according to plan. We know there are plenty of other things you want to be focusing on so don’t waste your time with broken systems, let Eventree take care of all that for you.

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  • Meals
  • Applications
  • Passouts
  • Resources
  • Finance


It’s one thing to get all your crew nicely organised in advance of your event, but how do you then ensure they are securely and swiftly granted access to site?

Our tried-and-tested hardware has been built for festival conditions. It still works when the internet falls over or if there’s a power cut. It works in the rain and can even be set up to work when there is no internet on site. Our networking also allows for long-range signals so we can process cars in lanes.


Forget the nightmare of chopping up thousands of coloured paper tokens, because there is an incredibly simple and effective solution to your meal ticketing: Eventree's built in meal redemption module.

Use as a stand-alone system, or as part of your crew & artist management, the meals system generates huge cost savings and efficiency.


If you invite people to apply to work at your event, as traders, volunteers, artists etc, Eventree generates online forms for applicants to complete, to save you wading through hundreds of emails and transferring data manually.

Application forms can be configured with any number of questions and supporting documents to be uploaded by applicants.


Prevent ticket fraud, touting and wristband pass-backs and maximise the security of your perimeter. Limit the number of times your crew or public can leave and re-enter site and connect people to their wristband to identify lost children or teenagers. Get real-time data about who is in and who is out at any given moment.


Tired of losing essential items on site? Want to stop drills, extension leads and tables going missing?

With Eventree, simply allocate resources to individuals as you prepare for your event. Assign costs to items if you want to improve budget control and reduce overheads by bulk buying with your sophisticated shopping list.


Ever wonder where all your festival cash has gone? Do you need a control mechanism for managers who do a great job, but who always seem to need ‘just a bit more money’?

Our finance module lets you distribute budget to your managers and their teams. Manager fees are incorporated and you can see exactly where the cash is going.

Our Clients

Who's using Eventree?

"Eventree has been extremely useful in bringing all the myriad of detail into one system thus eliminating much duplication of work. The Eventree team have always been absolutely first class, always seemingly available day or night - excellent service"
Cara Lewis

Operations / Nozstock: The Hidden Valley

"Eventree is a powerful, continually evolving management tool that is indispensable in the production of all our events"
Jon Walsh

Director / Kambe Events & Shambala Festival

"Eventree is a great system that has allowed us to manage all staff, crew and artists accreditation efficiently and hassle free. The customer service is second to none with a member of staff always at the end of the phone to give support"
Meredith Langley Vine

Director / Eden Festival

"Eventree has minimised and simplified the administrative burden to our incredibly busy event team. A pro active team at Eventree have supported us through the implementation process, getting to really understand our needs"
Ben Hardy

Operations Director / Richmond Event Management

"Eventree has shaved days, maybe even weeks off our administration time. Not only does it allow us to keep track of exactly who is on site, it has also given us the ability to outsource ticket allocations direct to our managers. I'm not sure how we managed without Eventree"
James Goldney

Director / Illusive Festival

"Eventree has changed the game and massively streamlined the way we manage our application process. Its made managing our traders and all their paperwork immeasurably easier. If there’s a better program out there, I’d be very surprised"
Mike O'Shea

Concessions Manager / Lambeth Country Show

"Discovering Eventree has been one of the high points of my production career and it has quickly asserted itself as one of the most valuable tools in my arsenal. I won’t work another event without it"
Reuben Walker

Operations Director / Envision Festival Costa Rica

Our Team

Phil Hayes

Technical Director

Mo Jones

Company Director

Jimmy Hewson

Company Director

Liz Cobley

Operations Director

Constantino Antunes

Lead PHP Software Engineer

Ben Dean

PHP Software Engineer

Reece Hayward

PHP Software Engineer

Reuben Smith

Product Experience Specialist


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